OpenAlex help center

OpenAlex is a free and open catalog of the global research system. It's named after the ancient Library of Alexandria and made by the nonprofit OurResearch.

These are the help pages for OpenAlex, containing information about the data, the website where you can start exploring, and the background concepts. To learn about the API, the data snapshot, and other fun stuff, head over to our technical documentation.

Where to go

  • is our homepage, where you can start exploring the data right now using our friendly user interface (UI).

  • About Us is where you can learn more about OpenAlex and OurResearch.

  • Data Overview is where you can start learning about our data and where it comes from.

  • Author Profiles — If you are a researcher and want to know more about how you are represented in OpenAlex, or you want to make corrections to your data, go to the author info page to learn more.

  • Events has information about how you can interact with us personally, through our webinars and open houses.

  • Technical Documentation is the place to go to learn about using the API or downloading the data snapshot.

  • Support Request Form is where you can submit bug reports, provide feedback, or ask questions you don't find answered in the documentation.

  • OpenAlex User Group is our mailing list, where we announce big updates and new features.

  • OurResearch Blog is where you'll find news and press about OpenAlex, and other musings from our team that we think you may find interesting.

  • OpenAlex Community Group is the space for open community discussion about topics of broad interest related to OpenAlex.


For tech support and bug reports, please use our support ticket form. You can also join the OpenAlex user group (mailing list), and follow us on Twitter (@OpenAlex_org) and Mastodon.

Another great way to contact us is by attending our virtual Open houses to ask questions or provide feedback.


If you use OpenAlex in research, please cite this paper:

Priem, J., Piwowar, H., & Orr, R. (2022). OpenAlex: A fully-open index of scholarly works, authors, venues, institutions, and concepts. ArXiv.

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