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OpenAlex Virtual User Conference

2024 OpenAlex Virtual User Conference

Inspired by feedback from our community, we are excited to announce the first OpenAlex Virtual User Conference!

Based on nearly 200 responses to our planning survey, we’ll be hosting two different events at the end of May. Both events will feature presentations from OpenAlex users around the world with live Q&A.

The list of presentations and speakers is included below. Presentations will be recorded and available for viewing after the event on this website and our YouTube channelso please only register for the events that you plan to attend live.

Thursday May 30th [12pm - 4pm EST]

Register here:

12:00-12:10 – Introduction and Welcome

  • Kyle Demes [OurResearch]

12:10-13:10 – User Presentations and Q&A: Group 1

  • Using OpenAlex data to analyze and communicate impact of open access in libraries and beyond by Jessica Edwards, Columbia University Libraries

  • Comparing open abstracts in OpenAlex and Crossref by Bianca Kramer, Sesame Open Science

  • Assessing a Library Collection Using Faculty Citations with OpenAlex and R by Sylvia Orner, The University of Scranton

  • Integrating OpenAlex into a RIM System by Andy Herzog, University of Minnesota

13:10-13:20 – break

13:20-14:20 – User Presentations and Q&A: Group 2

  • Linking policy documents to academic research by Euan Adie, Overton

  • Creating citation networks with OpenAlex's big data and cloud computing by Daniel Sunfeld, Universidade de Brasília

  • Matching Latin American Scholarly databases to OpenAlex by Alysson Fernandes Mazoni, University of Campinas

  • The increasing fragmentation of global science limits the diffusion of ideas by Alexander Gates, University of Virginia

14:20-14:30 – break

14:30-15:45 – User Presentations and Q&A: Group 3

  • Reviewerly: A High Quality Peer Reviewer Suggestion Application by Sajad Ebrahimi, Toronto Metropolitan University

  • Impactu: CRIS platform for Colombia by Diego Restrepo, University of Antioquia

  • A tool for visualizing bibliometric data by Albert Diaz-Guilera, Universitat de Barcelona

  • Scite: A New Approach to Rankings by Sean C. Rife, Research Solutions, Inc.

  • Characterizing research outputs and their use: openalex + scite by Ricardo Hartley Belmar, Universidad Central de Chile, Data Observatory Foundation

15:45-16:00 – OpenAlex Presentation and Q&A

  • Kyle Demes & Jason Portenoy [OurResearch]

Friday May 31st [10am - 2pm CET]

Register here:

10:00-10:10 – Introduction, Welcome and OpenAlex Presentation

10:10-11:25 – User Presentations and Q&A: Group 1

  • MUS: a metadata unification system by Samuel Mok, University of Twente

  • Accelerate metadata curation with the Works Magnet by Eric Jeangirard, French Ministry of Higher Education and Research

  • BiblioReports - A tool for customized bibliometric reports at the University of Duisburg-Essen by Sarah Kritzler, Duisburg-Essen University Library

  • Using OpenAlex to keep 'living' systematic reviews and maps up to date University College London by James Thomas, University College London

  • Benchmarking institutions using embeddings by Gaël Bernard, L'École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL)

11:25-11:35 – break

11:35-12:40 – User Presentations and Q&A: Group 2

  • Navigating Scholarly Data: UArizona's Approach Using OpenAlex for Measuring Authors' impacts by Yan Han, The University of Arizona

  • SemOpenAlex: The Scientific Landscape in 26 Billion RDF Triples by Michael Färber, ScaDS.AI & TU Dresden

  • Building a Node.js SDK to streamline literature searches using OpenAlex by Hassan Mansour and Adnane Touiyate, Open Development & Education

  • Visualizing OpenAlex data with VOSviewer by Nees Jan van Eck, CWTS Leiden University

  • Analysing OpenAlex data with Cortext by Alexandre Hannud Abdo & Joenio Marques da Costa, Université Gustave Eiffel

12:30-12:40 – break

12:40-13:45 – User Presentations and Q&A: Group 3

  • Beyond Citations: Measuring Novel Scientific Ideas and Their Impact in Publication Text by Nicola Melluso, KU Leuven

  • What you can find if you look for the big science teams in the big open data? - where the big teams came from, where they are now, and what information we are still missing by Malgorzata Lagisz, University of South Wales

  • Publication metadata availibilty and unique content in OpenAlex by Martijn Visser, Leiden University

  • Integrating OpenAlex into the German Competence Network of Bibliometrics by Najko Jahn, University of Göttingen

  • Switching to OpenAlex from a proprietary bibliometric tool by Pascale Pauplin & Amélie Church, Sorbonne Université

13:45-14:00 – OpenAlex Presentation and Q&A

  • [Kyle Demes, OurResearch]

If you have any questions or feedback while we’re planning the event, please send us a note at

Looking forward to ‘seeing’ you there!

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