Data overview

At the heart of OpenAlex is our dataset—a catalog of works. A work is any sort of scholarly output. A research article is one kind of work, but there are others such as datasets, books, and dissertations. We keep track of these works—their titles (and abstracts and full text in many cases), when they were created, etc. But that's not all we do. We also keep track of the connections between these works, finding associations through things like journals, authors, institutional affiliations, citations, concepts, and funders. There are hundreds of millions of works out there, and tens of thousands more being created every day, so it's important that we have these relationships to help us make sense of research at a large scale.

Our data sources

OpenAlex aggregates and standardizes data from a whole bunch of other great projects, like a river fed by many tributaries. Our two most important data sources are MAG and Crossref. Other key sources include:

Learn more about the OpenAlex entities:

  • Works: Scholarly documents like journal articles, books, datasets, and theses
  • Authors: People who create works
  • Sources: Where works are hosted (such as journals, conferences, and repositories)
  • Institutions: Universities and other organizations to which authors claim affiliations
  • Concepts: Topics assigned to works
  • Publishers: Companies and organizations that distribute works
  • Funders: Organizations that fund research
  • Geo: Where things are in the world
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